Sunday 20 November 2016

My Christmas List

I so sorry, I not post last week. I was such a busy boy, doing all the things us doggies do, sleeping, eating, walking, more sleeping and eating and walking and some play time too. I used up lots of energy last week killing my toy burger. Mummy, she is so good she got me a new one before me killed my old one. She is a clever people.

My peoples have been talking about Christmas a lot. I not really sure what it is, but I think it is the time when they put green things in the rooms with lights on and pretty round things. There's lots of yummy food smells too, I think and things called presents.

Miss L was telling me about presents. Her make a list of things she wants for Christmas and Miss D has too. I always want to be like my peoples so I wanted to make a list too. Presents sound fun! I think I would like some, but I had problem, because I can't do writing with pen, I not got opposing thumbs like peoples, so can't hold pen. I tried to hold pen in my mouth, but it not work and Mummy had to throw it away because it had teeth marks on and was all squashed. It okay though, because me told Miss. L and her write it down for me.

Here is my Christmas List...

  • More treats

  • More cuddles
  • More toys
  • Laptop

  • More kisses
  • New coat (mine too small now and it getting cold and wet now outside)
  • Another Cavi (like me)

  • Fluffy blanket
  • British Gas Car
  • Dog movie
  • Girlfriend (must be a dog, I not really like cats, them is high maintenance)
  • Sparkle to like me (our cat, I not think she likes me)

Miss. L says I won't get everything on my list and she says I really not going to get a British Gas Car because I not able to drive, I just want the penguin really. I do need the laptop because it is difficult trying to use Mummy's laptop without her knowing. Now I just got to wait and see what I get. It very exciting. Woof!


  1. Fantastic list Max! I love it and i think you having your own laptop is a must. That way Mum wont get cross at you using hers! With another cavalier would you like a brother to play with or a girlfriend? Theres a big difference and maybe you need to be clear. The rest sounds perfect though and i hope you have fun when flashy things go up!

    1. Hello Martyn. Yes laptop is very important for me. I think I would like brother to play with, I not want to live with a girl dog, them get a bit annoying and demanding. Woof!

  2. I love this, Max you are a very clever dog and I almost certainly think you should get your own laptop for Christmas! I also think you need to try a little patience with the cat, I mean, even humans think cats are a bit weird, I have 3 of them and poor Holly Bobbins beagle knows we can try to be friends with the cat but we must never look directly at the cats, they're tricky characters aren't they?! I hope Santa Paws brings you lots of amazing Christmas things xx

    1. Thank you Mandy. I promise to listen and to be kind to Sparkle cat, then maybe she will be my friend. Is Holly Bobbins excited for Santa Paws like me? Woof!