Wednesday 30 November 2016

Celebrating Wednesday's #4

Welcome back to week four of Celebrating Wednesday's. So we've had some interesting ones so far, but I think you're really going to like this weeks offering.

This week we are celebrating 'Stay Home Because You're Well Day'. Yes, you did read that correctly, Stay Home Because You're Well. How good is that? Now, I'm not suggesting you phone your boss and say, 'Sorry, I won't be in today, because Little Orange Dog, told me it's Stay at Home Because You're Well day.' Please, whatever you do, do not do that, I absolutely do not want a shed load of comments from angry bosses berating me because their healthy staff have taken the day off.

I'm going to be honest with you here and say, that whilst I like the idea of this day I'm not entirely sure how it's really supposed to work. Let's face it, if you phone your boss and simply say, 'I'm not coming in today,' they are not going to be impressed. You could fake it, I suppose, but then that kind of defeats the whole point of the day because you're supposed to be well and you would then have to spend the rest of the day hiding out at home, thereby limiting what you can do on your day off.

I really don't want to get any of you lovely readers in to trouble with your management team, so I think this may be a date to pop in your diary for next year and just book it off as annual leave. Once you've done that you can plan how you are going to spend your day at home. Just think of all the things you could do? Spa day, afternoon tea, box set catch up, reading a book that you've just not had time to open, hitting the shops, the possibilities are endless.

I wouldn't recommend sky diving or any other extreme sport, if like me, you are a tad clumsy; it could well end in tears and result in you needing several days off, thereby upsetting the boss and remember, we don't want to upset the boss.

Alternatively, you might prefer to celebrate today's other day, Computer Security Day. You could, if you're a really wild child, celebrate both days! Yes you could take the day off and make sure all your passwords are nice and strong and your anti virus software is up to date. How rock 'n' roll would that be?

However, you choose to spend your Wednesday, stay safe, have fun and know that we are now on the downhill slope to the weekend.

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