Monday 7 November 2016

Grumpy Dog!

That is me, when I was just a tiny boy. I am having a nice cuddle with Miss. L. I was very little then and I didn't know much.

When I was little, I couldn't understand what the peoples said to me. Now I can, because I listen to them and learn, but I am not very good still.

This week I have been a bit of a grumpy boy. Mummy been busy and she has not taken me out as often as I like. She says to me that she is a sorry Mummy and she loves me, but we had lots of peoples coming to the house to visit me so I can't go out. So I was grumpy, but I made sure the peoples saw how cute I am and insisted they make a fuss of me.

Miss. D always comes and makes fuss of me in the mornings. She usually the first one I see in the mornings. She has been trying to help me with my Peoples Language. It is hard for me because I am just a little orange dog and I not really understand. This week she told me not to say peoples. Why? Why I not allowed to say peoples? She talk about dogs and I know that I am a dog. So if there is more than just me the peoples say dogs. It just made me all confused. Dog is much easier language and Mummy knows when I want to eat without me saying, so I don't think it matters I can't talk properly.

See, I just sit by empty food bowl looking sad...

...and Mummy feels sorry for me and feeds me.

I got cleaned this week too. Mummy and girls say to me I stink and I not smell nice. I don't know what they mean, I like my smell. I smelled really good. I been working on getting that smell nice and strong. It took a long time. I was proud of my smell. I got all my things smelling good too. Every time I get my things smelling good, Mummy puts them in the washey machine thing. I do not like how they smell when they come out of there. It is not nice! It smells a bit like flowers and all peopley. I a dog. I want to smell like a dog! Mummy and Miss. L, they put me in the shower (I knew they were going to, it is only time Mummy let me in her bedroom). Then they make me wet, then make me bubbly. Yuck, it was disgusting! I get them back though. I stand in the shower and shake and make them all wet. Then I run round house making that all wet too. Now I have to try and get my smell back. I trying to think up ways. I am licking my paws a lot, that should help, but I need to go out for a rainy walk and maybe roll around on the wet grass. I think the peoples smell bad, but I not make them smell like me!

And that is why I a bit grumpy this week. Woof!


  1. I think my dog Bella could have written this herself- especially about bathtime. Bella hates it and would much rather smell like fox poo! Thank you for joining the #weekendblogshare

  2. Haha, my Mum had a dog who always loved to roll in fox poo, on a daily basis. Have a good week x