Thursday 24 November 2016

Not So Bad Friend

So a little while ago, I told you all about 'Bad Friend'. If you missed it, you can catch up here. Anyway, you may remember that she had an absolute ball whilst I was being accosted by a chap who has taken a bit of a shine to me. Instead of rescuing me, she sat in her car laughing away and hence earning herself the title of  'Bad Friend'.

Well, since then, I have mostly managed to avoid too many of those awkward meetings with said chap by finding an alternative parking spot, or hiding in the back of 'Bad Friend's' car.

However, today I took a risk and parked in my usual spot. I knew it was a risk, but 'Bad Friend' was already there, so Miss. L scooped up her bits and we went to hideout in friend's car. We had a nice chat, as you do about this, that and the other and watched the dog walkers come and go. I'd almost forgotten why I was hiding, until my friend told me to stay down. My 'admirer' was out and about. Unfortunately, he wasn't the only person who was out and about, lots of dog walkers were also out and about, and he was stopping each and every one of them to chat.

I really do think he just wants someone to chat to, but the 'nice bit of stuff' remark has rather stuck with me and still makes me feel just a tad uncomfortable. Anyway, his ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey had me well and truly trapped in my friends car; quite literally, may I add, because in my infinite wisdom I had dived on to the floor behind her seat and suddenly realised my backside is no longer a size 6. I didn't quite panic, but I can't lie, I was concerned that I was going to be there for a quite some time.

My face did look a bit like this trapped cat's face

Add to this, that it was bang on time for the girls to have to get out of the car and walk to school. There was a lot of laughter from my daughter and a lot of grabbing on to things to extricate myself from the tiny space, but eventually I managed with no damage caused to myself, nor the car. However, we still had the problem of my 'admirer' being engaged in conversation very nearby, meaning I am still effectively trapped, and this is where 'Bad Friend' redeemed herself.

Did she kick me out of the car and expose my hiding place? No she did not! She switched on that engine and drove us round to the school where we dropped the girls off, then she drove me back to my car (whilst also checking the coast was clear). Yes, she was my Wonder Woman, rescuing me from unwanted attention.

No longer will she be known as 'Bad Friend'. Henceforth, and for evermore, she will be known as 'Super Friend!'

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