Friday 4 November 2016

Time to Get Christmas Ready

The summer holidays are now a distant memory, Halloween is over and we are now heading quickly towards Christmas (if you listen carefully, you might hear the sleigh bells), so if you've not already started getting organised, now is the time!

Now, I am sorry to tell you, that I cannot assist you with your turkey, veg and pudding (although I am available to help out with consumption on the big day), nor can I help with the buying and physical wrapping of your presents. I would advise you against traipsing around the shops if, like me, you cannot bear busy shopping centres; I am an online shopper all the way, at least where Christmas is concerned. However, I can help with your cards etc.

As you probably know already, I am an Independent Phoenix Trader, and as such, I can offer a beautiful range of cards, gift wrap and other stationery items, including all your Christmas needs. To see the full Christmas range click here but just to keep you going for now, here's a wee selection of what's on offer this holiday season...

XS05 Three Kings (Pack of 8) £4.25

XS29 Hot Chocolate (Pack of 10) £3.75

XS27 London Silhouette (Pack of 8) £3.75

 And don't forget to check out the advent calendars. As well as traditional Nativity advent calendars there are a range of other fun themes.

ADV40 Santa's Room £7.50

ADV41 Santa's Workshop £7.50

As all of us parents know, children love to colour things in and we love to help them (who can resist the crayons and a colouring book?). So to keep your little (and not so little) ones busy, here's a selection from the colour in range of products (I am particularly fond of the colour in table cloth, I may get one for my own amusement)...

XCP014 Christmas Tree Poster £6.00
XCP004 Christmas Table Cloth Colour In £6.00

XCP001 Christmas Mini Cards Colour In £3.50

XCP005 Nativity Mini Cards Colour In £3.50

There's lots more to see on the website, and the good news is that if you place an order online for £25 or more, you will receive free postage and packing from now until 31st December 2016. That means you can stock up on all your Christmas cards, wrap etc and all your birthday and special occasion cards too. And don't forget to order your party invites for those New Year Eve Parties. You can visit my website by clicking here or by clicking on the badge in the top right of my homepage.

Have fun browsing and I hope you enjoy visiting my website


  1. There are some really fab products there ! I'm the same as you when it comes to Christmas shopping . I'm nearly done and I would say 90% I have ordered off the internet ! #weekendblogshare

    1. Hi Jessica. Well done on getting so much done already. I did a bit yesterday (online) and we spent last week making some; we're having a homemade Christmas this year :-) Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  2. These are really great. Love the hot chocolate snowman cards #MMBC

  3. He is a cute wee snowman isn't it? x

  4. Very cute cards! I totally am an online shopper, too. I may go once during Christmas for the lights (in NYC), but pretty soon all the people and noise and smell - just too much. #MMBC