Sunday 4 December 2016

Baubles and Bones

This week mummy was busy putting up the sparkly things. She said they called trees, but they not like ones outside. Outside trees not have things that sparkle hanging from them. I am a confused little doggy, but they still very pretty and I like them. I getting quite excited about this Christmas thing, I hope I get some of the things on my Christmas list.

I have had an exciting week. There is a very lovely lady called Natalie, and her write a really good blog. Her blog called, Plutonium Sox and you should really go and read it. I like it a lot. This week she ask me if I would be on her blog and me say a big fat yes, woof to that. Her ask little orange me some questions, and me did my best to answer them. Some of it was a bit hard because I am only a little dog, I not even three yet! You can see how I did here. You can also see how all the other doggies have done, me sure that they had lots of fun too.

This week, Winnie's mummy (my nanny) is going to the people vet place...mummy said it is called a hospital (she help me to write that, her is so kind). Nanny got to have a new knee, bit like me. Me have had operation to fix both my knees, when I was just a little boy. When me have my knees fixed, me had to have lots of rest in a cage. Me not allowed to go for walks. Me just have to sit in cage with my toys and wear a silly cone of shame. I a bit worried about Nanny. Me not sure she will like wearing a cone of shame and I not sure she will fit in my cage. I happy to lend it to her, but me think she will need bigger one, but how will Winnie sit on her lap? Her is going to have to be on cage rest for long time. Mummy said I had to rest for six to eight weeks. It was very boring. Nanny will get bored in a cage for that long too. I do hope she will be alright.

I got to go now and play with Miss. L, she wants to try and teach me some tricks. Woof!

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