Sunday 18 December 2016

Mummy's Birthday (Boy)

Last week I didn't get to borrow Mummy's laptop to write my weekly post. I very sorry, I tried, but Mummy was so busy. I do hope Santa Paw's brings me my own laptop, it will make this doggy's life lot easier! This week it's my turn to be busy boy!

Mummy has her birthday coming up and me want so much to make it good for her, so I get her to take me for a haircut. Me want to be a handsome boy and smell nice for her. I her best boy, after all. I know because she tells me all the time how much she loves me and how I is her best boy.

I tell you a secret though, me not like the groomers. I know I look handsome when I clean and tidy, but I not smell very doggy at all. I stink a lot after going there! It is not a nice smell, well not to a little doggy, like me. Mummy say me smell like a baby powder factory. I not know what that is, but I don't think I like it. I do like Mummy though, a lot, so me go and be cleaned. It my present to Mummy.

I not seen a lot of Mummy this weekend. Well I did yesterday, but her still went out without me. She said she gone to see a film and little orange doggies are not allowed. She wasn't gone too long, so me let her off and her did give me a nice walk and my dinner when she got back.

Today though, her leave me a long time. I was so sad, I not understand what was happening. I tried to go with Mummy. Me do my best cute, sad, puppy face at her, but her still leave me behind. I not all alone though, me had Sparkle cat to keep me company, even though her not really like me much, and Mummy arranged for Miss.L and Miss D to come in and make fuss of me and feed me and let me out a couple of times. Then before me know it, Mummy is home again and I is the happiest little orange dog in the whole world.

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