Wednesday 21 December 2016

Celebrating Wednesday's #7

Hello lovely readers. This week I have a bit of a challenging 'Special Day'. Not challenging as in heart wrenching or difficult to read, but mentally challenging and a touch therapeutic at the same time.

This week we are celebrating the special day of...Crossword Puzzle Day.

It would seem that the first crossword puzzle was published on this day in 1913 in a New York newspaper. That's 103 years of crosswords, hence we celebrate this brain teasing puzzle every 21st December. Of course as well as celebrating, let's not forget that doing crosswords is good exercise for our brains.

So why not pop out and grab a newspaper, magazine or crossword puzzle book, put the kettle on, grab a pen (or pencil if you're really serious) and take a short time out to relax and exercise those little grey cells.

If you're not great at crosswords, don't worry, you can combine it with another celebration today, because it is also, Look on the Bright Side Day and Short Story Day. So if you're struggling with those cryptic clues, relax 'Look on the Bright Side' and go and write a short story instead. Whatever you do, have fun!

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