Wednesday 21 December 2016

A Brilliant Birthday!

Yes, yesterday was my Birthday and I turned 46! To all you youngsters out there thinking, my that is old, let me tell you I am absolutely loving my 40's, I can honestly say, I've never been happier! Of course this may be helped greatly by the fact, I have finally found a job I love, have fabulous daughters, the best little orange dog and a man who is just amazing (yes, I am talking about Dr. BD). Oh and some amazing friends.

Anyway, yesterday was lovely, busy, but lovely. I went downstairs expecting to have a bit of 'me time' before the girls got up, but there they were, in the kitchen waiting for me and they'd got my presents and cards ready for me to open. I was going to feed the pets, but the girls insisted I do my Birthday bits first (they are getting rather bossy now). I was super spoilt and the girls, knowing my love of sloths got a 'Sew Your Own Sloth' kit, amongst other things. I am just a little bit excited about being able to make my own sloth!

I had kept my Birthday rather quiet, not on purpose, but simply because I've had so much on this past week that it was the last thing on my mind, and it sort of crept up on me. Needless to say, when I let slip to the class teacher that it was my Birthday, she got them to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me. It was so cute and heart warming to have our little Reception children sing to me and I totally melted when all of them came over and gave me a great big group hug. You see, I told you I have a job I love. I am so very lucky!

In the evening, we had Miss. L's Christmas Service to watch. Miss. L read a prayer she had written, and for a child who has no faith (or so she tells me), she wrote the most beautiful prayer with only a bit of help from me on the closing line. Her class also sang the most beautiful French Christmas Song 'Il est Né le Divin Enfant.'

After the service it was back home to meet Dr. BD who was picking up my Birthday choice of take away, curry! I do love a curry and it's so much easier than trying to book a table at a restaurant at this time of year; for some reason lots of 'work do's' happen, curious that people I don't even know should celebrate my Birthday 😉.

Once again I was spoilt rotten, with gorgeous curries and the most beautiful gift from my fabulous boyfriend. As always, he totally nailed it on the gift front. He is so thoughtful and has the most amazing taste, so apart from him going down on one knee to ask me to please open my present, I knew I was going to be thrilled to bits. DO NOT get excited, it was not a proposal, I did not get a ring. What I did get was the most beautiful necklace set with my December birthstone Tanzanite (and yes, we December babies also have two other birthstones, Turquoise and Zircon). This necklace is the most gorgeous thing I have ever owned; although it scares me a little too as I have never seen such a fine chain in my entire life and I am terrified I am going to get it caught on something and break it. That would not be good.

Oh and finally, Max went to the groomers so that he would look beautiful and smell lovely for me, but I'll let him tell you about that in his own post; I don't want to tread on his paws.

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