Tuesday 27 December 2016

When Sharing Isn't Caring!

I love my girls. They're not always perfect, they don't always do what they're asked to do and sometimes they are stroppy little moos, but I love them and most of the time they are well behaved, fun and reasonably helpful and they do share, and of course, sharing is caring, isn't it?

I'm going to have to disagree in this instance. As you know, I had a cold that lasted for far too long; what can I say, I am a good hostess, it was clearly having the time of its life, but even my cold got fed up and decided to move on. Hurrah! I was a very happy girl, I can tell you.

Not that it lasted long, two days before the end of term and Miss. L wakes up with the most horrendous cold. Being the kind, caring mother I am, I packed her off to school anyway. She wasn't really well enough, but she's in Year 6 and she (okay, we) would have missed her last Christmas Service and she'd written such a lovely prayer for it, I was keen to go. In hindsight, it may not have been my greatest parenting moment, as she was even worse the following day and so ended up missing the last day of school (bang goes her 100% attendance).

The following night Miss. D had some friends round for a sleepover, and guess what, they all wake up in the morning with the dreaded cold. Not the best start to the school holidays.

At this point I wasn't too concerned about me, thinking there's no way I'm going to get this after having it for four weeks, but I really didn't want poorly children for the holiday. I don't know what I was worrying about, the girls were fine by the time Christmas Day rocked up, I on the other hand was coughing like a seasoned smoker (which, may I add, I have never been). That said, other than the coughing, I didn't feel unwell at all, until yesterday.

Yes folks, Boxing Day was officially a pyjama day in the Little Orange Dog house. Poor Max, didn't even get a walk, I was so poorly, but he dutifully sat on my feet in attempt to look after me.

I spent the entire day on the sofa, wrapped in my blanket drinking hot tea in an attempt to keep warm and dozing off from time to time. Not quite what I had planned for Boxing Day, but on the plus side at least I wasn't doing all the post Christmas Day housework I should have been doing.

So to my gorgeous girls, you really do need to think before you share because sharing isn't always caring. Sharing sweets, chocolates, or anything else that is nice, is good. Sharing germs, is not so good, but I still love you.

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