Friday 23 December 2016

My Christmas Crop

Last week me told you all about how I am Mummy's best boy and I is always telling you how much I love her. I really do, so much. Well me love her so much that me had my special bath and hair cut just for Mummy's birthday.

I not sure I really thought about it properly. It seemed like a good thing to do for Mummy. She does so much for me and gives me so many cuddles, I just wanted to do something nice for her, so me think a hair cut is good, but I really not like them.

That picture is me, the night before Mummy's Birthday. This little doggy was having second thoughts. I was not a happy boy at all, Me love all my beautiful orange fur and me not want it to smell different or look different. Me already look like a handsome boy, but Mummy and my girls said I was a smelly Little Orange Doggy and me needed cleaning properly. What do they mean? I always lick my feet and sometimes wipe my soggy paw on my face to give it a clean.

I was even less happy in the morning, I knew it would soon be time to go to the groomer. Me like my groomer very much, she is a very kind lady, but I still not like hair cuts!

Mummy dropped me off and it wasn't too bad. We had to wait a while, but me got to see some other doggies who were waiting to see the animal doctor. That was nice because I like to make new friends and me like the Vet's because them is super fond of little orange me. They took such good care of me when they fixed my knees and me do like that my groomer lives there too. Mummy says she not actually live there, but she always seems to be there when I visit, so me think Mummy is wrong.

It took a long time for groomer to clean me and give me haircut and dry me and give me pedicure, but it was alright because Mummy came back to get me eventually and me was so happy to see her, that I almost wagged my tail off again. Mummy seemed to be happy with my new look...

hmmm, me not quite so sure about it. It a bit blooming chilly outside for a haircut and I am not liking how me smells now. What do you think, do I still look handsome? Woof.

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