Sunday 25 December 2016

Christmas Treehouse

Dr. BD is just a little bit obsessed with treehouses at the moment. I blame it on that much coveted 1970's Treehouse toy with the pop up lid that revealed a little home inside the tree. I desperately wanted one, but never did get one. Anyway, as I always do, I digress. Back to the main topic of conversation, Dr. BD really wants a treehouse to live in.

Over the past few weeks there have been several rather hilarious text conversations about said tree abode, although I fear it may have escalated to a tree residence. So for your entertainment and so you can see the rather inane text conversations we have, here are a few exerts.

I'm not entirely sure how the whole treehouse thing started, but this is the first reference (text conversation) I can find and it was because I had asked for a Ferrari for my Birthday (I didn't get one, thankfully; I wouldn't be able to afford the insurance).

Dr BD: Don't know how I am going to wrap your Ferrari! You must have had similar problems with building and wrapping my tree palace!

Me: The tree palace has caused issues.

Dr. BD: Oh well you still have over a week! I have every confidence in you!

Me: Yes, I hope to solve the problem this week.

Dr. BD: Good for You!...have you found a tree to put it in yet?

More inane conversation with me eventually sending a picture of 'naughty tree' (remember him?).

Dr. BD was not at all convinced that this poor, forlorn little tree was a particularly good candidate for hosting his tree palace and suggested its little metal legs may need pinning down more securely. To be fair, he is probably right.

So we get to the 21st December and I think I finally have the tree sorted...

Me: Think I may have the tree issue sorted and planning all agreed. Phew.

Dr. BD: I'm very excited about my treehouse considering it needed planning permission!

He then went on to request a draw bridge, zip wire and an infinity pool. Now you see what I mean about it all getting a little out of hand. I think Dr. BD has something like this in mind...

When, realistically the best I could hope to pull off would be this...

Okay, so even that is good compared with what I would likely manage to create. However, the big day has finally arrived and Dr. BD has received neither of these treehouses. Nor has he received a tree palace. I did, however, give him a tree, it was the least I could do. It may not be a big tree, it may not be able to house an abode of any kind, but it is a tree.

Maybe one day, Dr. BD will get his treehouse, but for now at least he has a button tree and his dreams.

Merry Christmas all, stay safe, have fun and enjoy the holidays.

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