Saturday 24 December 2016

Christmas Wishes

Well Christmas Eve has arrived, which means I will most certainly be watching my favourite film, 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and getting excited about Santa's impending visit. Yes, I know neither of the girls believes anymore, but I do love the whole stocking thing and I am just a little bit envious of all you lovelies out there with little people who do believe. As much as I dislike the taste of milk and raw carrot, I will miss putting them out for Santa and the reindeer this evening and in the morning I will miss the excitement on little faces when they see the milk gone, the carrot munched and the stockings full to brimming.

I also miss having small people to take to the Christmas Eve Crib Service, singing carols and seeing all the little ones dressed as shepherds, kings and Mary's. To be fair, I could still go, but as we established in my Halloween post, both my girls have, for the moment, decided they don't believe in God and I respect that. Faith is a personal choice and not one which should be forced upon anyone, adult or child. As hard as it may be for us, I really do believe that having brought up children with our beliefs we do need to allow them to be their own person and make their own decisions. Some of those will be good, some not so good, but how else will they learn. I see my job as Mum, as a supportive and guiding role. Anyway, there I go again, slightly off track, but never mind, it sort of ties in with why I no longer 'drag' my offspring to church for the Crib Service.

I miss having a proper family Christmas. Even after separating, the girls Dad would come over to celebrate Christmas with us, so that they still had that family day, but since he remarried, it's no longer possible and we have to share the day. Today they will have lunch with him (feel a bit bad about this as they are both a bit miserable and full of cold; hopefully they won't share the love, although as we bloggers say 'Sharing is Caring'). Tomorrow they will be with me until early evening, then will go to their Dad's until early evening Boxing Day. It's all a bit of a faff to be honest, but at least they get to see both their parents over the two days and that really is the most important thing. That said the lovely Dr. BD is coming over early tomorrow morning (bearing much food) and we will be having our first Christmas Day together, which I am just a little bit happy about.

So what I really want to say is a huge, big thank you to all you lovelies who take the time to read the blog and leave such lovely comments. It really means a lot to me and I am so very grateful to you. You have made the past five months (or so) amazing and I wish you all the most fabulous and Happy Christmas. Whatever you do, whatever your beliefs, whoever you celebrate with, have fun, make happy memories and stay safe.

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