Sunday 11 December 2016

Superpants and Underpowers

Hehe, did you spot the deliberate mistake in the title? It was of course going to be Super Powers and Underpants, but then I found this photo and it made me chuckle so I thought I'd mix it up a bit.

So, those of you with children who are fans of Cartoon Network, may have seen the adverts with cute plush little Superheroes popping their heads out of stockings; I am particularly taken with Plush Wonder Woman, not only does she have Super powers, but she is super cute.

Having been brain washed most of yesterday with these cutesy adverts, I decided to have a chat with Dr. BD and see which Super Hero he would be. I obviously chose Wonder Woman, I am a child of the '70's and it was one of my favourite programmes. Dr. BD wasn't sure, so I decided for him, since he has a friend by the name of Robin, I decided he had to be Batman.

Today we popped over to see my parents, as you may have seen in Max's last post, Baubles and Bones, my mum had knee replacement surgery last week and we wanted to see how she was getting along. How she is getting along is slow and painful, but once it's settled down it will be worthwhile, then she'll have to have the other one replaced.

Just as we were leaving to go to my parents, I noticed that Dr. BD had left his hat behind and then promptly forgot all about it until we'd arrived at my parents and my phone made that funny little noise to let me know I had a text message. It was a photo of Batman and Robin with a humourous little tag. I text back, well here's how the rest of the conversation went:

Me: You left your hat behind xxxxx

Dr. BD: Oh yeah...better that than my trousers! Xxxxx

Dr. BD: Managed to put my underpants on the inside of them too!

Me: You can't be a real superhero with your pants on the inside xxxxxx

At this point I was chuckling out loud and had to relay the conversation to my Dad, who also found it highly amusing, but then it hit me, the sudden realisation...why do nearly all superheroes wear their underpants on the outside of their, for want of a better word, Lycra catsuits.

Actually, why do they wear Lycra catsuits? Did they not disappear when the Kids From Fame hung up their legwarmers? Then I started wondering, if someone who is clearly incapable of dressing themselves appropriately, or indeed correctly, is really responsible enough to have super powers? This is quite a serious cause for concern. I mean, I get that they need to have streamlined clothing in order to run faster, fly etc, but really boy and girls, your undies are just that, undies, to be worn under your Lycra (the giveaway clue is in the name, underwear) and surely those capes are going to slow you down? If you can't dress yourself, how on earth are you going to manage to save me? Thank you, but I may have to wait for the emergency services to arrive. They can dress themselves properly and frankly, their uniforms are much more appealing (just don't tell Dr. BD I said that).😉

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