Wednesday 7 December 2016

Celebrating Wednesday's #5

Hello lovely readers and welcome to this weeks special day. I know you can't wait, you were probably so excited last night that you didn't sleep a wink, anticipating what this Wednesday has to offer. More likely, you didn't even give it a thought; it is after all December and you have far more important things to think about. So make yourself a cuppa and take a wee break from all the Christmas stress and think back to those hot summer days because today we are celebrating...

...Cotton Candy Day, or as we call it here in Blighty, Candy Floss.

Yes, dear readers, there is a day to celebrate this sweet, fluffy, summer delicacy. I say summer, you may well partake of the candy floss all year round, but for me it's something I associate with fairgrounds and seaside resorts.

As a child I was fascinated watching my candy floss being spun in that magical machine that turned sugar and food colouring in to sweet fluffy loveliness, and I would love to have had my very own machine. Back in the 70's you couldn't get a home candy floss making machine, but here we are in the 21st Century and you can (they seem to retail between £20 and £45, not that I've researched it or anything).

It would appear that candy floss has been around for a few centuries now, first being hand spun and, therefore, stupidly expensive back in the 19th Century. This was a treat for the wealthy only, but then the machine we are all so familiar with now, was introduced by it's creators in the early 20th Century and well the rest is history.

Just remember as you are celebrating, that this sweet treat is pure sugar, so please don't go overboard with your celebrations, you don't want to get in to trouble with your dentist, although ironically, one of the two creators of the cotton candy machine, was a dentist. Yes you did read that correctly, a dentist. I have a sneaking suspicion he may have been trying to increase his clientele.

Oh and as we are also in a new month, we say goodbye to Manatee month and hello to Tie month.

Gentlemen, I expect to see a lot of fabulous tie wearing going on during the month of December.

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