Friday 30 December 2016

King Max I

It's no good, I am an exhausted little orange doggy. Me has had far too much excitement and I just want to sleep now. It is a little bit Mummy's fault I am so tired, her keep coughing all the time and it really is disturbing my rest. I doing my best to look after though because I love her so very much.

Well, me didn't get my own laptop, so I still have to use Mummy's, but I did get a lovely reindeer toy! I had great fun chewing his ears and antlers off, so he not look like a reindeer anymore, just a little brown rope puppy, but me love him and snuggle up to him at night. Oh and him smell so good now I spent lots of time chewing and licking him. Mummy also got me a new burger for when I kill the one I have already, she is very clever like that.

My bestest present is from my Daddy though, him is amazing! He realise how important and Royal I am and now I am a proper Cavalier 'King' Charles Spaniel...

My crown is rather special, just like little orange me, and me thinks it suits me very well, indeed. I love it so much that I even sleep wearing it.

Although, when I wake up, it is not on my head anymore. I think it must be a magic crown that only stays on your head when you are awake, otherwise how would it not be there after my puppy naps?

Anyway, it is a relief that one of my peoples has finally acknowledged my royal status. Mummy says that in a few days it will be a whole new year and lots of the peoples make changes, so me is really hoping my peoples carry on with the royal thing. I could really use a nice doggy throne, to go with my crown. Woof!

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