Wednesday 18 January 2017

Celebrating Wednesday's #11

Here we are again, another middle of the week, another day to celebrate a special Wednesday and I must confess to be just a little bit excited about this one as I am a bit of a fan.

Today, the special day we are celebrating is...

Winnie the Pooh Day! That cuddly bundle of fluff whom resides in the Hundred Acre Wood has a day all of his own. Actually, it's not really his own day. His special day is celebrated on the birthday of his creator, AA Milne.

So what can you do to celebrate this exceptionally cute bear's day? Well, if you're already a fan, you could re read those books (if you're not go and get one of the books), watch a DVD, or find a bridge to play Pooh Sticks from. You could also make the trip to Sussex to visit Pooh Corner and play Pooh Sticks from the real bridge. Word of advice, if you do this, take sticks with you, I used to live very nearby and you could never find a stick in the vicinity of the bridge (though there were plenty in the stream).

If you really want to be like Pooh Bear, you could treat yourself to a pot of honey, but please don't over indulge and get stuck fast as Pooh did when he ate far too much honey when visiting Rabbit. As always, whatever you do, have fun and stay safe.

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