Tuesday 24 January 2017

Warming Up

This is how I would like to be relaxing tonight, but I don't have an open fire, so I will have to look at this picture and dream. Although, I do have something much better to keep me warm because I have a Little Orange Dog and he is currently sitting on my chilly little feet, kindly warming them for me. He is very adept at foot warming, it is one of his many talents, another being writing blog posts.

It really has been very chilly of late and over the past week the frost has become a permanent feature. I don't mind the frost, it's so pretty, but the accompanying low temperatures are not so endearing.

Max seems to enjoy running around on the frosty grass though, and whilst he may not like having 'Cold Paws' (yes I have read his most recent post), he certainly doesn't let it dampen his enthusiasm.

The freezing temperature has caused havoc with my recycling though. No really, it has! Last Thursday, I put the normal rubbish out and whilst there decided to open the blue recycling bin so that I could fill it. Lifted the lid, or should I say, I attempted to lift the lid. Did it budge? Nope. Not one to be deterred, I tried again, and again, and one more time before finally admitting defeat. I finally managed to get the lid open today, Monday; it has been frozen shut all that time and my utility room had turned into something resembling a recycling plant.

You can imagine my joy when I was finally able to lift that lid and empty my recycling into its permanent home rather than have it cluttering up my utility room. I had to make three trips to and from the bin to finally get all the recycling out and it was jolly cold, but I was so happy I barely felt it until came back indoors and the warmth of the house hit me. Which is when I decided to defrost myself with a nice cuppa (any excuse to put the kettle on).

After school we had to make the trip into town to collect Miss. L's new glasses and it was still cold, I mean, really cold. So cold, that having collected the glasses and having them fitted, I felt the need to be warmed up again and well, it seemed rather rude not to visit Starbucks. Who can resist a nice hot chocolate on a cold and frosty day. I'm nice though, so I did buy the girls drinks too, and cake. Now this was, in hindsight, an epic fail. What sort of a mother feeds kids large caramel frappucinos and cake late afternoon...that would be me then. Oops, we are all now completely stuffed and not wanting dinner. It was super yummy though.

Note to self, never fill kids or self up with Starbucks, Costa or anything else less than two hours before dinner. I probably won't heed my own advice, but at least I feel I've made the effort now. We are at least all nice and cosy warm, at least until we have to go out tomorrow morning.

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