Friday 13 January 2017

Driving Snow

When we finally sat down at 9pm last night and tucked in to our McDonald's whilst watching 'Death In Paradise', I for one was exhausted, as was Miss. L, who took herself off to bed as soon as she'd demolished her Happy Meal. You see, we had been in the car for four hours, give or take a bit and driving was not the easiest task last night.

Let me explain, one of the girls needed to be at a club last night, no problem. We knew that we would be hitting rush hour so gave ourselves just under an hour to get there. Ordinarily, I would have left a wee bit later, but given that it had been raining all day, I figured the traffic would be horrendous. The rain lashed down and it was super chilly out, but we were dry and warm in our little car. Then I noticed the rain looking a bit, fluffier...hmmm sleet. That's okay, I thought to myself, we'll get there and home before the snow sets in. The return journey to collect said child, may be a little dicey, but it's so wet there's no way it will settle.

No sooner had we pulled into the car park than we were treated to a deluge of snow. Not light fluffy, flakes, floating down and gently landing on the wet surfaces before quickly melting away; no these were huge fluffy flakes and were falling so heavily, I can only imagine Queen Elsa had well and truly lost her temper and 'Let it Go', like she'd never done before. Within ten minutes, the surface of the car park was beginning to turn white and the kids were having a ball running around in it.

The plan, prior to snow, was to drop off, return home, eat then go back out after a nice little sit down, to do the collection (note to parents, it is not socially acceptable to leave children at clubs, even in severe weather, you must collect them). As we were driving home, very, very, slowly, I realised that my plan may well be in jeopardy. When, eventually, I pulled on to the motorway, and it was impossible to work out where the lanes were, I conceded defeat. So, it was a slow trip home, a quick change of clothes (Miss. L was still in school uniform) and then back out.

Ever optimistic, I figured we would at least have time to go to a McDonald's near the club and eat before collection. Pulled back on to the motorway, conceded defeat yet again. Clearly, the weather thought I didn't need feeding as it wasn't helping at all, and I wasn't sure if we were on the hardshoulder or in an actual lane. It took us an hour to get back to the club venue and the girls decided that they would rather go straight back to our hometown and go to our local McDonald's, They really were worried we would get stuck and not be able to get home. So that is what we did, and that is why we were eating so late.

When I opened up my laptop and logged into Facebook, my newsfeed was awash with 'snow' photos. On any other occasion I would have enjoyed looking at them, but having spent four hours, and a few rather scary moments in a car, trying to drive in it, I wasn't really up for it and just logged off. Yes everyone, it did snow, quite heavily actually, but please spare a thought for those of us (of which there were many) whom were driving in it. It really wasn't fun and I really do not 'Want to Build a Snowman', I just want to drink hot tea.

Twin Mummy and Daddy

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