Wednesday 4 January 2017

Celebrating Wednesday's #9

Well a Very Happy New Year to you all and thank you so much for joining us in 2017 to celebrate some more Wednesdays. Hopefully you're all now fully recovered from Christmas and New Year over indulgence, but if you're not, you might just like this weeks special day, as it's nice and easy and may provide some much welcomed comfort.

This first Wednesday of 2017, we are celebrating...

...Spaghetti Day! How good is that, what could be more comforting or ridiculously easy to cook than spaghetti? It's just what's needed after all the rich food and alcohol that has been consumed over the past week or so.

My girls love spaghetti, so we will most definitely be joining in with this celebration come dinner time and it will most likely be spaghetti and meatballs.

Let's not forget though, that with the New Year and new month comes a new monthly celebration and let me tell you, there were quite a few to choose from (thirteen if you really wanted to know), but I have gone for the one which is closest to my heart...Hot Tea Month!

I love tea, so I don't really need an excuse to drink more, but well it would be rude not to, so I'm off out to purchase extra teabags, can't go running out during Hot Tea Month can I? Oh and whilst I'm there, I may have to get some cake, it goes so well with tea.

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