Monday 30 January 2017

The Green Eyed Monster

Would you look at this poor wee chap, he is so jealous of his monster friends he has turned a rather strange shade of green and his eyes are all over the place. He's probably trying to look at everything that's going on, all at once in an attempt to make sure he's not missing out, or else he's coveting something that someone else has. Anyway, whatever it is that's made his eyes so wonky, it's not a good look. Envy is not a good look!

When I was little, I was always rather jealous of my friends whom had siblings. I desperately wanted a brother of sister. Now I'm all grown up (well most of the time; okay, some of the time) and I am more than happy to be an only child. I also wanted blonde hair and blue eyes, now I'm happy to be a brunette (even though most of it comes from a bottle nowadays) and brown eyes. It's part of my Maltese heritage and I am proud of it.

I like to think that as we grow older, we mellow and feel more content with our lives. I like to think that when we reach a certain age, all the envy goes out of the window and we stop looking at what others have, or what others do.

Now, I'm not saying I don't covet things, only the other day I was online coveting a newish car. I say newish as my current car was brought brand new and lovely as it was to have a car no one else had owned, I'm not convinced that it is necessarily a sound investment, hence I have been looking at decent used cars (trust me, this one becomes a post all of its own). Sorry, digressed again (that makes a change, I hear you all cry out). Anyway, the reason I class it as coveting is, that my current car is running perfectly well (I have probably just tempted fate in saying that, and may well live to regret it) and it is perfectly adequate for my little family's needs right now, but I would like a bit more space now the girls have grown and want to be run around here there and everywhere, with friends in tow. Although I am coveting (what a fabulous word that is), I am not jealous of those friends I have who do have bigger, newer, shinier cars.

Nor do I envy people with larger houses, better paid jobs or fancier holidays; though I may be slightly envious of that person who can still eat a tonne of fast food and chocolate and not put an ounce of weight on. You see, I've learnt to be content with what I have and who I am. When I am sat at home in front of the TV (or more likely the laptop, we bloggers are always attached to a screen, aren't we?) and I see status updates from friends who are enjoying a night out, I genuinely don't feel left out, or envious, what I do feel is joy; I like to see people having fun and well, I'd rather be indoors with a cuppa nowadays, it suits me well.

I do believe that at some point in our lives, we have all suffered from a bout of the green eyed monster, we're all human after all, but when we learn to be content with our lot, whatever, that may be, I do believe we become less envious and more aware of the things we actually have, whether that be our health, our home, our family; because chasing after someone else's lifestyle or possessions will never fulfil us and will always leaves us wanting more.

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