Monday 23 January 2017

Cold Paws

I'm not so sure about all this winter stuff. That strange fluffy white stuff has gone away, but when Mummy takes me for my 'out' my little paws are getting very cold indeed and Little Orange Me does not like it. I not dislike it enough to not have my 'out' though. Me likes my 'outs', but me just prefer the ones where it is warm and the big yellow thing is in the sky.

This week it has been far too cold for my peoples to go for long walks. Them should really have a fur coat like me. Me still get cold, but me not do that shivery thing the peoples do. Them must feel really cold. Anyway, because it so cold, me has been going to school with Mummy and Miss. L in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoons. Mummy call it something like 'the school fun' and it really is fun. Me love the school fun thing, me get a walk, me see the ducks and me see the little people who are going to school; that good, because them little people seem to really like me.

Them ducks are not looking too happy. Them live on the pond and it not watery at the moment. Me not know where the water has gone, but there is hard, slippy stuff there instead. Mummy found this picture and she think it is funny. She tell me we have to use it. I not know why, me not ever seen ducks with shoes on. Me think Mummy may be losing it a bit.

On Friday, Mummy let me go on the field! It was such fun. Me did lots of running around, but my paws did feel bit chilly. The field wasn't soft and green, it was hard and white. Me have no idea what that all about, but it felt great to do running and feel my spaniel ears flapping about.

I not been on the field for a long time, so it was good to run and find all the new smells to sniff, best of all was chasing after Miss. L. Me was a good boy though, me always good. When Mummy ask me to sit to have my lead back on me did it! I like to keep Mummy happy.

Mummy says it going to be very cold a bit longer, so I suppose my little paws will just have to get used to it, at least me have a nice warm house to come home to and a Mummy to snuggle up to. I a very lucky orange doggy. Woof!

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