Tuesday 10 January 2017

Living Life to the Max!

Hello, it's been a funny old week. My doggy walks have been very unsatisfactory, because Mummy has been coughing so much and as for my naps, well she kept waking my up from those too. It is very annoying, I am only a Little Orange Dog and I really do need my beauty sleep. Especially after I have spent so much time chewing my burger toy. Me made a hole in it, but Mummy gave me my new one, so me started chewing that too.

This week I have been a bit of a pickle. One of my girls had a friend round for tea. I like when my peoples have friends for tea, sometimes them drop their food on the floor and me gets to clean the floor by eating it up. Friend didn't eat all her chips from the yummy chip shop and when Friend went home them leave the chips all wrapped up in a bag by the door. It was very kind of them, when they came back (to fetch the chips, mummy said) me said a great big thank you. I had such a lovely full tummy.

Mummy laughed, so me think it was okay, but her did say that Little Orange Doggies are not meant to eat people food, it is not good for them. It tasted good though.

Today, Mummy took me to school in the morning. I like it when she takes me, I get to have a different walk and sniff the different smells. I really like the smells by the duck pond and sometimes the children say hello to me. I like that too, I get so excited when the children talk to me and I wag my tail super hard. Today was very exciting though. My favourite people was waiting in her car. Miss. L took me to say hello and I nearly wagged my orange tail off! I got picked up and cuddled and me kissed my best people friend with my little wet nose. And do you know what? No you will never guess, me got to do something that me has always wanted to do...

...yes, this Little Orange Doggy got to drive the car! Mummy never let me drive, I not know why. I was very good. See I am even looking at the road and me made the horn say hello to everyone too. I not sure that I was doing it right though, because the car didn't move. When Mummy drive, the car moves. I am confused, but I had a lot of fun and me got to cover my BFF in orange hair. I is such a lucky doggy, not many doggies get to do driving. Woof!

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