Tuesday 17 January 2017

Fluffy White Stuff

I not really sure what is going on this week. It has been a cold week and one day the sky dropped lots of white stuff all over the place! Me think there must be a big doggy in the sky somewhere because it looked like someone had made a big hole in there favourite plush toy. Me know, because that is what Little Orange Me does with my favourite Burgers.

It is such fun! You see, me likes the thing in the Burger that makes a squeaky noise and my favourite thing to do is to chew my toy until there is a hole in it, pull out all that white fluffy stuff and try and get the squeaky thing out.

It is not Mummy's favourite thing though. Her pick up all the white fluff, take the squeaky thing away from me (apparently, I am not supposed to try and eat it; I not know why) and then her throw my burger into the hungry grey thing in the kitchen. My peoples call it a bin and it's tummy never seems to be full, it is always eating something. It not fussy either. it eats all sorts. Not food though, there another little grey thing that eats food. Them things eat better than this little doggy!

Anyway, that is why me think there's a doggy in the sky, because outside went all white. Mummy was out, so her not pick up the fluff. Me was a bit confused, because Miss. D took me out and that white fluff is not like the stuff from my toy's insides. No, not at all, it was cold on my little orange paws, and it wet too! Me have no idea what sort of toy that fluff fell out of, but it definitely not a Pets at Home Plush Burger.

Me. love my Burger a lot and I very lucky that my Mummy is so good and buys me new ones, but me wish me had a great big toy like the one the dog in the sky has...me could make such a lovely white mess with one of those.

JENerally Informed

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