Thursday 5 January 2017

Never Too Old for The Magic

I have been struggling with posts of late, you may have noticed. You may well have appreciated a break from myself and Little Orange Dog. I'm still a poorly girl, just when I think the dreaded germs are leaving me they mutate and attack me again; it's beginning to get a tad tedious now, if I'm honest and I am absolutely shattered, hence I've been trying to cheer myself up online. So far, I've bought land and built a flat pack home on it, purchased a nice new car and booked a couple of holidays. Okay, I haven't actually done any of those, but I visited the sites and pretended, or perhaps that should be coveted (which is very naughty, but fun).

Anyway, one of the things I am coveting is a much needed trip to Disneyland Paris. Yes, I know the US parks are bigger and better, but I love the Paris park, partly for its close proximity and partly for its smaller, more manageable size. Poor Dr. BD cannot get his head around my (well actually, 'our' because my girls are equally Disney mad) obsession with Disneyland! Maybe it's a man thing, but for me it's a place full of magic and wonder. It's a place where, although I am 46 years old, I can feel like a 6 year old again, or for those of you who know me well, I can behave like my normal self, childish! And yes, I do get super excited when I see Mickey and his friends (especially Stitch, I love him so much).

You know that daft adult queuing up to have a photo with the various characters? Yes, that would be me! There are so many confines put upon us as adults that this is one of the few places it's okay to let go and embrace your inner child again. Yes we know those aren't really Mickey and Minnie, but just for a day or two, they can be. Just for a day or two we can feel the magic and wonder of being a child again. Just for a day or two, you too can queue up and have your photo taken with your favourite Disney character and no one is going to bat an eyelid!

That's what I love so much about all things Disney, whether it's watching a film, visiting one of the stores or holidaying in one of the parks (or on one of the cruises - which I hasten to add I am up for, if anyone fancies waving me off to sea). The magical quality you experience in that 'Disney moment' which allows you to let go of all the stresses and strains of adult life and a return to a simpler world, where your imagination can run wild and the innocence of childhood returns.'s not just about me though, having the opportunity to run, explore, laugh, clap my hands and jump about like a two year old on a sugar rush. I love seeing the excitement on my girls faces and the giggles and shouts of joy as they go around on the various rides. Helping them seek out cast members with pins to swap for their lanyards (if you've not done this you must, it is such fun) and collecting the characters autographs. Pluto is always good for this as he has to put the book on his nose to sign which never ceases to make me smile. Best of all, they get to practise their French, so it must be an educational holiday? Right?

I don't know if we will make it across the Channel to get our 'Disney Fix' this year or not. I hope we can, it is long overdue, but we can certainly enjoy some of the magic at home with films and online visits to the parks. Miss D and I can still enjoy a singalong to the Disney Princess soundtracks, so if you live nearby you may want to invest in some earplugs! Just saying.

Don't get me wrong, there are so many places in the World I would still love to visit, beaches, mountains, rainforests, but I really hope I never grow too old for the magic that is Disney.

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