Monday 2 January 2017


May I say right now, that this is not the post that I had intended to write today. I had intended to write a rather boring and probably rather generic post (given the time of year) about New Year's resolutions and why on earth do we set ourselves goals at this time of year instead of any other time, blah, blah, blah.

I had actually started said post, which I hasten to add I have now deleted, (never to be resurrected again) because a phone call from the girls Dad this morning changed everything.

Miss. L has very long, straight, fine hair. It is beautiful (when she bothers to brush it) and reaches almost to her bottom. She really dislikes getting it cut and can usually only be persuaded to lose an inch at most, which given the length is nothing.

Today she decided she would brush it, hence the phone call from her Dad. Apparently she had got her hair tangled and he was going to have to take her to a hairdresser (on Bank Holiday Monday, good luck with that). Being Mum, I insisted he bring her home with her Tangle Teaser brush and let me have a go. Thankfully, one of my fellow dog walkers is also a hairdresser, so I made a quick call to her to get some advice and then waited, armed with the conditioner. I was working on the theory that Conditioner + Tangle Teaser = Job Done in No Time, but then I wasn't prepared for what walked through my door... you can see, my equation for detangling the hair, was a little too simple as there were far too many unknown quantities. This needed a serious rethink and a photo text to the professional. I have never been more glad to have a hairdresser friend than I was today.

There was indeed a lot of hair around that brush, none of which seemed keen on budging and to be honest, I didn't have the first idea of where to start, so whilst waiting for the hairdresser to arrive, I just set about brushing it through with the Tangle Teaser to try and loosen it up a little. Once my friend arrived we set about a joint effort of brushing, picking and pulling hair free, all with the aid of rather a lot of Argon Oil. Well over an hour later and we finally got the brush out of the hair (we also got rather a lot of hair out too, but we kind of glossed over that one). All the time, Miss. L was an absolute angel and sat nice and still for us, which must have been pretty hard to do, given how much it must have hurt!

Next it was just a case of dematting the hair and seeing what we had left. Much to our relief, once it was brushed through and all the matts were gone, you would never had known that a brush had been stuck in there at all (well so long as you didn't look in the bin, if you looked in the bin, you'd find a mountain of hair). The brush has been thrown away and branded evil. Miss. L is happy, but has a very sore scalp which is going to need a fair bit of TLC over the next few days and best of all, no scissors were required.

So that is how I have spent my Bank Holiday Monday morning and why I haven't written that boring New Year's post. Huge thanks go to that very special friend who went above and beyond the call of duty today, I honestly have no idea what I would have done without you.

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