Wednesday 25 January 2017

Celebrating Wednesday's #12

Hello and welcome to week 12 of Celebrating Wednesday's. I hope you've had a fabulous weekend and are getting ready for the next one to roll round.

This week could be the most fun day of the year, or the worst day of the year, depending which side of the fence you're sitting on. So, I apologise to those of you, whom like me, are probably not going to enjoy celebrating today, but to those of you whom are real jokers, have a blast. Today we are celebrating...

Opposite Day!

Yep, that little rainbow coloured fish, just about sums up Opposite Day. You see, today you will either be rainbow fish, or blue fish. Blue fish hasn't got a clue what's going on because rainbow fish is saying the complete opposite of what he means. You can see why some people find it so frustrating, or since it is Opposite Day, perhaps I should say, you can see why some people find is so much fun.

Of course, you could have a little bit of fun with this one and be very selective with your use of opposites. Now, between you and me, if there is someone in the office, at the school gate etc. whom you don't really like, you could be very naughty and have a ball. Let me give you some examples...

How are you? = I don't care!

You look fabulous! = What on earth have you done to yourself!

You're too kind. = You are really very horrible.

Anyway, you get the idea and don't forget this can work the other way round too. I think most of us have that one friend who will absolutely not take a compliment. Well, today you can shower them with compliments (please explain it's Opposite Day, you don't want to destroy their self esteem). So...

You look dreadful today! = You look absolutely amazing!

You are always so mean. = You are always so kind.

You are the worst friend. = You are the best friend.

Yes they're still getting a compliment, but maybe it will be easier to take under the guise of an insult (but only if you've explained the Opposite Day thing, DO NOT forget to do this!).

If you have a friend whom is happy to join you with Opposite Day, you are surely in for a whole lot of fun and some very interesting conversations indeed. However you celebrate, have fun!

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