Sunday 22 January 2017

Going Nowhere!

There's nothing quite like a nice sunny Sunday morning is there? It really is beautiful out there today and even though it is freezing cold, that winter sun is still a real mood lifter.

On a normal Sunday morning, I would be heading off out of the house around 10.30am to go to church, however, today is a bit of an exception. Following a very late night on Friday and a busy day yesterday, we are all in need of a very well deserved rest. The timing of which couldn't be better, you see today, I am going nowhere; even if I wanted to, I couldn't because my car is well and truly blocked into it's cosy, little garage abode.

Yes, apparently, I am running a car park. As it happens, someone else parked directly in front of my garage yesterday afternoon, so I really am beginning to suspect, a parking sign may have been erected somewhere on the estate, directing cars to my driveway.

Now, I could be annoyed. I could go knocking on doors and demanding that the vehicle be moved, After all, it is technically on my property (well part of it is) and obviously it is stopping me from using my car. However, I haven't done so and nor will I, and this is why...

  • I don't intend to go out in my car today
  • I can't be bothered, I'm not going out
  • I'm finding it all rather amusing
  • And, did I mention I'm not going anywhere!
I am not sure if this may be due to a guest parking outside a neighbour's house yesterday. It may be due to another neighbour having a house full of guests whom filled the car parking area and probably the street outside, it may simply be a case of not realising they are blocking the garage, indirectly. It really doesn't matter to me, I'm not that precious about parking (at least not when I'm staying in for the day). However, rest assured if my driveway does become a public parking space I will be investing in a parking metre...well I may as well profit from it 😊.

Who knows, I could start my own little parking business; I could even offer a car wash service...

...the possibilities are endless. I'll probably spend the rest of the day now thinking up how I could run the best little car park in the world. You see, I could look upon the blocking in thing in a negative way, but since it's not causing me any inconvenience, where's the point in being angry. My car may be somewhat trapped, but my imagination is well and truly free to run wild.

Run Jump Scrap!
Run Jump Scrap!

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